Early Warning Fire Detection Systems – Vesda

Maximum Sensitivity, Preservation – and Peace of Mind

Special areas demand special protection.

Intercept Fire Protection serves organisations in Victoria and beyond with the deployment of Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA systems) and other specialist measures suitable for sensitive environments.

From next-gen flame detection, through to clean agent extinguishing systems, we design, install and maintain precisely the fire detection and alarm system you need to keep your critical infrastructure – and your business – in safe hands.


Hardwiring the VESDA system working principle into your fire protection plan

With a best-in-class vesda fire system, an aspirating smoke detector is put to work on your behalf. Constantly drawing air from the environment and sampling it, this vesda smoke detector can pick up on material changes to air quality the instant they occur, resulting in the sensitive early warning smoke detection system your premises require.


Tailored early warning protection

For the deployment of all forms of very early smoke detection apparatus – including aspirating smoke detection design, an expert guide is crucial.

Intercept can design early warning solutions for data centres, petrochemical facilities, chemical plants, substations, museums and all manner of specialist locations.

Air temperature and flow, footfall, the physical characteristics of the building – and of course, the nature of the assets that need protection: our experienced technicians will help you devise a protection plan that meets your specific needs.    


Preserving your assets – and keeping the lights on

A combination of experience, communication and planning expertise helps ensure a hassle-free VESDA fire suppression and detection installation phase. Beyond this, with dedicated 24/7 support and comprehensive servicing, your business is kept up and running, while ensuring ongoing protection.


Talk to an expert about your VESDA installation or maintenance needs and call 0484 821 595 today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VESDA? What does it stand for?

VESDA stands for Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus. VESDA is a trade mark of the company, Xtralis, but has also become a generic name for most aspirating (i.e. air sampling) smoke detectors.

How does VESDA suppress fire and how does VESDA differ from traditional smoke detectors?

To initiate the alarm, a traditional smoke detector usually relies on sufficient smoke-contaminated air passively entering its detection chamber.

By contrast, a VESDA smoke detector actively draws air into its detection chamber on a constant basis. As well as checking for the presence of smoke, it can also accurately measure the quantity of smoke contamination.

What are the advantages of installing VESDA

  • A VESDA system is sensitive enough to identify very early signs of combustion, allowing you to put a pre-warning system in place.
  • It can give you the opportunity to take early, targeted action to resolve an event efficiently, before it escalates. This can avoid area-wide suppression measures being activated, preventing unnecessary downtime and collateral damage to valuable equipment.
  • It reduces the chances of false alarms, thanks to the ability to accurately discriminate between different particle types in the sampled air.

Many traditional detectors require still air conditions to work optimally. By contrast, VESDA systems work effectively in high airflow environments, including those where AC units are in use.  

What sorts of buildings and industries would benefit from VESDA?

VESDA is suitable for any environment where there is a need for rapid, accurate and very early stage smoke detection. Deployment of VESDA increases the likelihood of being able to respond swiftly, effectively and proportionately to fire events. Examples of where this is useful include the following:

  • Server rooms and electronic testing areas
  • Scientific, pharmaceutical and medical laboratories
  • Temperature-controlled environments
  • Scanning suites, medical treatment areas, hospitals and clinics
  • Heavy industrial environments (including those where there are high levels of dust/dirt)
  • Chemical engineering/storage plants
  • Offices/Studios
  • Retail sites
  • Residential sites – including apartment blocks

Does VESDA need to be maintained or tested regularly?

For specific testing requirements, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. As a general rule though, full VESDA inspections should be performed twice a year.