Are you concerned that your fire protection system may not be functioning correctly as it should?

Intercept Fire Protection offers comprehensive fire system testing, safety inspections and fire risk assessments. We can thoroughly audit and test your site providing concise diagnostic reports enabling us to readily rectify any faults or compliance issues which may be discovered reducing false alarms and minimising expensive call out fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do fire safety systems need to be tested or inspected?

Each piece of apparatus that comprises your fire safety should undergo regular visual checks along with (usually less frequent) function testing to ensure it is in good operating condition.

How often you should test or inspect equipment can vary significantly, from weekly for basic visual checks up to six-monthly or annually for more thorough testing. The frequency of inspections should be determined by the relevant Australian Standards along with manufacturers’ guidelines.

Why should you inspect your fire safety system?

Inspecting gives you the reassurance of knowing that your fire safety system will perform as it is supposed to in the event of an emergency.

When accompanied by appropriate record keeping, proper inspections also help ensure that you stay on top of your compliance obligations. It helps avoid the financial and reputational damage that can arise through breaches of the rules.

What sort of things should be tested daily, weekly and monthly?

Certain visual checks and basic functional testing can be carried out in-house. This includes checks of detection and alarm panels, sounding the warning system, checking the physical integrity of apparatus such as extinguishers and blankets and ensuring that routes of travel are clear.

The exact frequency (i.e. daily, weekly or monthly) should be determined by manufacturers’ instructions for the items in question, the relevant Australian Standards along with the characteristics of the property. AS1851 requires regular monthly testing, with more thorough testing conducted every 6 months and complete 100% testing conducted every 12 months.

What sorts of things should only be tested by a professional?

Any check which involves testing how a piece of apparatus will perform in emergency conditions should be left to a formally qualified tester. This includes detection apparatus, occupant warning systems and automatic fire suppression systems.

As part of our comprehensive testing service, Intercept Fire Protection provides customers with full reports, ensuring you always stay on top of your record-keeping obligations.

What sort of standards, laws or guidelines do I need to follow?

The main requirements for scheduled maintenance and inspection are set out in Australian Standards AS1851 with monthly tests required. More thorough tests must be conducted twice per year and complete 100% testing conducting annually in accordance with AS1851.

Alongside these, you may also need to take into account additional building-specific and code requirements, along with manufacturers’ guidelines.

Our highly experienced technicians can advise you of the rules that are specific to your situation and provide a detailed site-specific schedule to keep you fully compliant with the rules.