Prior preparation and planning prevents poor performance…

At Intercept Fire we understand the most important prerequisite to installing a correctly functioning fire protection system begins with the building of the initial foundation throughout the consultation and fire system design process.

Our in-depth knowledge of relevant building codes and applicable Australian standards enables us to confidently approach a dynamic range of projects providing comprehensively designed drawings refined to our client’s fire system requirements and specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fire safety system? How do fire protection systems work?

A fire safety system is a series of measures designed to address the fire risks specific to a particular building. Fire protection systems work by integrating three essential elements:

  • Detection
  • Alarms and notification
  • Suppression

These elements should combine to prevent harm to individuals, to preserve the property and its contents – and to respond to events swiftly and efficiently.

Are your systems fully certified according to Australian Standards?

A number of Australian Standards are relevant to fire safety and protection systems. These include specific requirements relating to detection, warning, control and intercom systems, fire extinguishers and blankets – as well as rules relating to specific environments (e.g. cooking areas).

All Intercept Fire systems, processes and employees are fully compliant with all relevant Australian Standards.

Why should I work with Intercept Fire to design my fire safety system?

Fire safety should never be a tick box exercise. And although ensuring compliance should be a top priority for any business, a fire safety system should not be designed merely to cover the minimum legal requirements.

For our customers in Melbourne and throughout Victoria, Intercept Fire is the go-to choice for fire safety system design.

  • We have a meticulous understanding of fire systems and work with a wide range of products. So rather than taking a one size fits all approach, we are able to design a system that meets your specific requirements.
  • We work with you to produce system design blueprints specifically tailored to your risks and your business processes.

We aim to bring added value to the design process, safeguarding what’s important while also equipping you to avoid downtime and collateral damage (e.g. through very early detection solutions).