Residential & Apartment Fire Alarm Systems

From converted townhouses through to multi-level new-build blocks, Intercept Fire Protection designs, deploys and maintains residential fire protection systems for dwellings of all scales.

For landlords and developers throughout Victoria, our work includes helping clients get to grips with apartment fire alarm requirements – including the precise measures needed to ensure strict compliance with relevant building codes and the latest Australian industry standards.

Installation of an occupant warning system, the architecture of your apartment building fire alarm system, your choice of suppression measures… none of this can be taken for granted. With our expertise at your fingertips, we ensure that you and your occupants are in safe hands.


Tailored fire protection design for your premises and people

The size, layout and building material make up of the premises – along with the profile of its occupiers: these all combine to create a risk profile that’s unique to any residential premises.

We investigate, consult and advise to determine your risks – and help you implement the right measures to address them.

This typically includes targeted suppression as part of your apartment building fire alarm system, coupled with effective early warning systems – both visual and auditory. The aim is clear: to maximise the likelihood of swift evacuation – and of the preservation of your premises.    


Adding value and delivering peace of mind

Even when not called upon in active deployment, our clients realise the benefits of a best-in-class residential fire protection system.

Targeting your specific needs, deployed with a minimum of disruption, backed up by 24/7 support as well as delivering peace of mind, our systems can actively enhance the value proposition of the premises under your charge.


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