Industrial Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Protection Hardwired for Business Continuity

Intercept Fire Protection knows what it takes to safeguard plant, premises, machinery and people. We specialise in the design, implementation, servicing and maintenance of fire suppression and industrial fire alarm systems for this sector – from major manufacturers through to niche supply chain distributors. If you have food or chemical processing areas, warehousing or refrigerated storage areas, you need fire protection plans that match associated codes and risk factors.


Strengthening Protection Without Sacrificing Productivity

Hazardous materials, high-risk processes and valuable assets all give rise to a risk fingerprint that is unique to each industrial environment. We have a proven experience in helping companies implement precisely the measures necessary to address these risks  – all in line with best practice.

But beyond this, we recognise that your ability to stay operational 24/7 is business critical. For each and every warehouse and small & large facility we work with, we aim to keep our clients safe and productive.


Fire Protection Plan tailored for your plant or factory

Choosing an industrial smoke detector is not a routine matter. Positioning an industrial smoke alarm demands careful consideration…

Applying an in-depth knowledge of sector-specific codes and standards, we consult, assess and then design alarm and suppression systems tailored to your environment and specific requirements.


Support with inbuilt reassurance  

When installing a best-in-class fire protection system, business disruption is not an inevitability. Likewise, ongoing protection doesn’t have to mean an endless stream of false positives and consequent outages.

From installation through to maintenance, our experienced technicians focus on communication and adherence to the highest professional standards. All of this ensures the safety of your plant while minimising operational impact. And with 24/7 support available from a dedicated technician, assistance is always there when you need it.  


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