Server Room & Data Centre Fire Safety Services

Protecting the Beating Heart of Your Business

Data centre fire safety needs to be a core element of your wider data protection strategy. From small server room fire suppression through to advising on enterprise best practice and data centre fire protection standards, Intercept Fire Protection delivers peace of mind in this crucial area.
We can design, install, maintain and monitor precise fire prevention and suppression measures that meet the specific needs of your business. We appreciate that data protection is multi-faceted – but our mission is clear: to ensure that fire protection is one less thing to worry about.


Server Room & Data Centre Fire Suppression Has Never Been This Important

Businesses are embracing data-driven decision making right across their organisations. Soaring volumes are a fact of life – and in order to function, your people need access to this data – always. These days, choosing the right server room fire suppression system is not just a routine IT concern, it’s a business-critical issue.
Through a combination of preventative measures and by putting best practices in data centre fire suppression to work, we ensure that you are equipped for an ‘always on’ world.


Why Choose Intercept Fire Protection?

Understanding your specific data centre & server room fire safety requirements

Data servers and other vulnerable equipment deserve expert consideration. After all, activation of the wrong type of fire suppression method may mean that the “cure” does more harm than the “disease”.
We offer an in-depth knowledge of best practice in this area – including server room fire suppression gas options and other measures suitable for sensitive areas. This enables us to advise on and design a system that safeguards your data assets and meets the wider needs of your business.


A full service: from installation and beyond

After the planning stage comes installation. Our highly experienced technicians know what it takes to ensure that this is handled in such a way as to eliminate server downtime. Through consistent maintenance, servicing and testing, we ensure that your protective stance is maintained – always. Your dedicated technician will be reachable 24/7.


Delivering the value you demand – and the reassurance you deserve

Worried about data centre & server room fire suppression costs? Through best-in-class measures tailored to your needs – coupled with expert advice and ongoing support, false positives are reduced and the risk of damage and interruption becomes negligible. It’s precisely the added value and reassurance businesses need.


Talk to a fire protection expert about your data centre’s needs and call 0484 821 595 today.