Diligent installation and thorough maintenance of a fire protection system is crucial in ensuring the prompt evacuation of personnel from a workplace in the unfortunate event of a fire.

At Intercept Fire we approach all of our projects with the same degree of diligence from large scale developments such as shopping complexes and office towers to single tenancy fit outs and data centers.


Even the smallest amount of down time can be crippling to a businesses operations and supply chain.

At Intercept Fire we understand the critical importance of warehousing and logistics facilities being up and running 24/7 with minimal down time which is why you should contact Intercept Fire to discuss your existing site or next project.


The risk of a fire occurring is always present in any residential environment however research indicates that the primary cause of injury or death in the unfortunate event of a fire is not the fire itself but rather smoke inhalation, therefore it is of critical importance that a fire can be detected as early as possible so that an auditory and or a visual alarm can be activated giving residents as much time as possible to safely evacuate.

Intercept Fire can provide automatic detection and early warning evacuation systems for dwellings of all scales such as apartment towers and nursing homes to smaller projects such as single story units or townhouses.


Intercept Fire specialise in very early warning and fire suppression systems such as vesda, flame detection and clean agent extinguishing systems which are typically used in situations where the facilities or assets need to be preserved from water damage.

These systems are applicable to installations in environments such as critical infrastructure, aircraft hangers, petrochemical facilities, chemical plants, sub stations, data centres, or museums. Intercept Fire will work directly with you in a proficient manner designing and installing the appropriate system to meet your sites requirements providing ongoing 24 hour support to make sure your facilities are protected and up running in a timely manner if your systems were to be activated.